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Cofounder, CEO

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I was a big gamer. Now I have less time to play but I am still a player who knows there are not just Candy Crush and Assassin’s Creed on the market... And when you do not have lot of time to play, you do not want to waste it browsing and trying tons of games not corresponding at what you are looking for. In my opinion, the current search and discovery engines suck to help us find easily games that correspond to our needs. I am passionate about user experience.

Aurélien, the co-founder of Piwag, is a game designer on both board/video games, researcher in GD mechanics/player psychology, and game design consultant. In 2015, his researches led him to found Piwag with me, a way to fight the indiepocalypse by giving a chance to each game to meet its target audience.


Piwag is the next generation of search and recommendation engine for video games.

Piwag is made for publishers and developers that cannot compete with the marketing power of the biggest ones and for gamers that want to find more easily games that match their needs.

We know there are great video games out there and that it is nearly impossible to find enough visibility for them without spending a lot of money. However, low marketing budget does not mean bad games.

With Aurélien, we discover continuously lots of awesome games who definitely have an audience, but because of the current tools, fail to be visible by it. Piwag is there to fix this nonsense!

Our Alpha is released for developers and publishers. Now you have a tool to fight this crappy situation. And it is free.. Try it! Or meet us and we can show you ;)


Publishers, developers, national gaming associations and festivals, you want to know more about Piwag, how it works? You want to give us feedbacks about your experiences? You have spotted something you would like that we improve? You want to jump in this adventure with us to change the gaming industry in a better way? We would be glad to meet with you! Do not hesitate to meet us! :)

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