RESPAWN 2017: Welcome to the Funfair!

Frequent RESPAWN attendees know: Every year, we have a different motto. So after the Middle Ages in 2015 and Tropical Islands in 2016, this year we would like to take you to the Funfair!


When RESPAWN 2017 starts on August 20, we invite you into a world of fun and pleasure (and work, obviously). The whole conference will be set in a carnival theme, so of course also the stage names will be in line with the funfair motto: The keynotes, workshops, panels and discussions will take place on stages called "Carousel", "Haunted House", "Rollercoaster" and "Ferris Wheel".

There will also be several stalls with attractions like "Duck Fishing", "Can Knockdown", "Crossbow Shooting" and "Strongman Game" - and guess what you can get at the "Cotton Candy Classroom"... ;)

By the way: Depending on their home region, Germans have several words for a funfair, most commonly "Kirmes" or "Jahrmarkt". The most famous one is of course the "Oktoberfest" in Munich, but here in the Rhine region, we prefer to go to one of the other two big German funfairs: the "Cranger Kirmes" and the "Größte Kirmes am Rhein" in Düsseldorf.


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RESPAWN 2017 ist part of devcom, the brandnew game developers event at gamescom, Cologne. If you haven't registered yet, please head over to our online ticket shop. We are offering passes for RESPAWN only or passes for both RESPAWN and devcom, including VIP and students tickets.

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Looking forward to seeing you in Cologne!




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