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Respawn is the transparent conference for the gaming industry. Speakers present their topics at open lecture islands that are spread around the location, instead of in separate rooms. During the course of the program, visitors to Respawn can then decide which talks they want to see based on the content actually presented. Respawn creates both a sense of togetherness and a meeting among peers between speakers and visitors.

The topics presented at the lecture islands vary from Gamedesign & Storytelling, Art Design & Sound, Technology & Engines, Culture & Communications to Biz & Law. In a relaxed atmosphere, Respawn offers workshops, discussions, technical presentations, and an ideal networking opportunity before the gamescom.

Aruba Events

Respawn is hosted by Aruba Events. Over the past 10 years Aruba has established itself as the key agency for events of the gaming industry in Germany. The developer conference Quo Vadis, the German Developer Award, and the European Executive Summit are all part of the portfolio of the agency, which is run by Stephan Reichart and based in Hürth near the city of Cologne.


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